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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Angels watching over us - Thank you Lord!

It is 4:30 am here and I can not sleep. My eyes are tired, my body is tired, but I can find no rest from my watchful concern.

At 7: 48 last night, my wife, and author of "Wellied on Life" Was in a horrendous head-on traffic accident that claimed the life of the other driver. The combined speed upon impact has been estimated at around 110+ miles and hour.

Our Ford Super duty was completely totaled. The two things that saved her life was that Angels were watching over her and the fact that she was in a Ford "built tough" truck.

After a long night at the Emergency room of our local hospital, she walked out on her own accord upon crutches. At the moment, she rests, quietly sleeping as her body begins the long healing process created by such an event.

Tonight's prayer was simply " Thank you Lord". Tonight I can only set before my God and humbly acknowledge His presence over the day's events and in our lives. All of the weeping, the hugs, and the deep concern for all involved has left me completely exhausted. Yet the rest I seek still eludes my eyes. Time has seemed to stop for me between yesterday and tomorrow. I am so grateful to still have my love here with me, peacefully sleeping, while I watch over her patiently, thankful for every tick of the clock.

God's speed to all who read this, tell your loved ones how you feel because you may not get another chance.


Peajay said...

Thank God she is ok. My prayers join yours in gratitude for God's watchfullness and compassion. Let meknow if there's anything I can do even from a distance. But rest TB if you can, she'll need your strength.

storyteller said...

Ohmygosh … I’m so grateful to know that HGF is home recovering so quickly after this HORRIBLE head-on crash! Thank God for the protection of your Ford truck and yez … the angels that hover. Please give her my best and know that both of you are in my prayers.
Hugs and blessings,

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