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Monday, August 18, 2008

A long hot summer

Well we are back in the office and ready for another year of blogging. AS some of you may have noticed, we took a few months off from the blog and went out on several adventures over the Summer. We will be posting some of the over 5000 pics we took over the summer here at SHB.

This pic was of the Mammoth fire a few weeks ago. Some of our staff members went up to Mammoth, Ca. for a get away. As the normal routine is to drive at night, we arrived in Mammoth at 1:30 AM only to find a blazing forest fire. The staff voted to shoot the fire rather then go to bed.

This picture was taken with a Cannon Rebel Xti ( time exposure, 1600 ISO, w/Cannon 18mm-55mm lens) Anyway, the fire was quickly dealt with and we went back to being lazy. It is good to be back and writing again. Stay tuned there is more to come here at SBH.

1 Comment:

Peajay said...

Nice to have you back TB, I've missed you. Great photo.

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