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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The shadows cast, cant not be quickly forgotten

The are many internal struggles that occur within one's heart, mind and soul. None of these struggles cast a bigger shadow over those we come in contact with than our internal struggle with Love and Fear. We all have this emotional generator within that is constantly producing either positive or negative energy.

At the core of this generator is our internal attitude. How we think, what we feel, and how we behave are all influenced from this core element called attitude. Above the surface, in our daily lives, emotions ooze out of each and every interaction we have with others. those emotionally laced interactions are either weighted by fear or by love.
What many do not realize is that we can choose our daily attitude. Yes, it takes a high level of cognitive thought to accomplish, but you do have control over what emotion you respond with. However, some have taught us that strength comes from the ability to bully, intimidate, or have power over others through the use of fear. Those who use fear to accomplish their will are only telling the rest of us how much control fear has of them.
Gandhi once said "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." If we want love, and everything love produces, to abound in our lives we must become love. We must become bigger than our fears and produce feedback that speaks to the heart of each and every persons we come in contact with. We must not get caught up in ranks of authority but lead with an attitude spun in the confidence of love.

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His Girl Friday said...

Hi TB,

simple, yet gets the point home.

I've put a link to this from my blog. Thanks for the post inspiration. :)


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