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Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Child's tenderness.

I have always been moved by the tender heart of children. They love so freely and give so much with little return expected. A child sees the good in all things and draws attention to it. Their innocence and pure of spirit is so moving to me. I have learned to do what I can to protect such unaccounted value. Where, or when do we allow this precious tender heart to be stolen away from us?

Who is selling us this lie that we must mature into haters and grown-ups who distrust everything? Where do we learn to embrace fear as if it is the true measure of life? Who steals that child's love from our hearts?

More importantly, once we realize that it has been stolen, how do we get it back? How do we return to that wonderful place where the world seems so harmless and we can see the beauty in the world around us? This is the inner child I want to hold onto, to cherish all my days here on earth. This is what God calls us to, not the place of grow-up dirtrust and fear.



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