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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Room for Living

As I was pondering this morning, while soaking up a week of living, my mind floated into a pool of interesting thoughts. How much room do we give ourselves to live? Do we allow fear to herd us into small confined areas within our lonely souls? Do you have a "room" in your mind that you can go to and experience all of life's imperfect moments; a place of mental awareness that we can just hold onto a moment and let go, let life take us on an adventure. A place where there are no definitions, no expectations, no planned events?

I realize that this room can be scary, at first. But if you have never entered this place you have not experienced a side of life that is very thrilling and awarding, at least I think so. You can start this wonderful creation of living room by simply getting into your car with no destination in mind and just drive, seeing what you may and turning where the urge comes. It may not sound like much but if this idea sounds crazy to you, you need some living room in your life.

Sometimes we need to know, and I mean know, that there is something out there bigger than us, a plan, a crazy big play taking place on the stage of earth with millions of characters acting out their role. This play is where I search for understanding and most of love.



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