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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lets play a game where only I know the rules?

I tried to play Monopoly with some folks who never played that game. I told then they would learn as they go. I have played the game numerous times and I know every rule there ever was about Monopoly. As we started to play, they started to get mad when I would say " you can't do that." They would respond " that's not fair." I was beside myself. What do you think? was I being fair?

Of course not. We all want to know the expectations, rules, or laws we are going to be held to. But many live life without knowing the rules or laws put upon them. They never learn, nor were they given any opportunity to learn the rules, or laws, of life. Who taught you what laws pertain to you or your life style? How can you choose to do right by the law if you do not know the expectations place on you? Where, or did, you ever learn what laws there are for juveniles, or parents? Most likely you were never taught such an important issue. So when all of a sudden you are held accountable for a violation, you tend to do just as my Monopoly partners did.

Here is two links to some interesting articles, please pay attention to the comment of these articles, about Cops teaching Cops how to educate minors and their parents about the laws, or rules of the game we call life. Who better to teach such a topic? Who better to be a role model for these wayward people?



What do you think? Mind you the reporter was present for 15 minutes of a 40 hour course. But yet public opinion is born from that 15 minutes. If all we expext of COPs is to enforce rules we were never taught, we are in serious trouble, I am sure we have all violated some law at some point. Just think, you could be going to jail, and you had no idea you were being a "bad" person.

1 Comment:

wfs said...

The two articles are not too bad; however, they are short of program details. It would have been nice of them to add that there is counseling, physical activities, in class presentations, parenting classes, home visits, and school visits. It would have been good for the reporter to mention that parents and youth are looked at like people that need help by the program not potential arrests. I found the comment by DMartinezUSA interesting and he is correct. It is the responsibility of parents. He is 100 percent correct. Wow! DMartinezUSA has identified the problem and assigned blame and responsibility, but that just does not get the job done. The problem is still there.

I guess we could say that cops should not being in this business, but why not? If it works I think it is a good use of resources. What is the cost/benefit ratio for this program, what kids are diverted from justice system before they ever get there? If you prevent someone from entering the justice system the cost savings outweighs the cost of the program criticized by DMartinezUSA. There just is no other mechanism that is fixing the problem in sufficient quantity.

The United States, a nation with the most freedom in the world, also has the largest per capita criminal incarceration rate on any other nation in the world. What’s with that?

Is it a bad thing to participate in preventative medicine so we don’t get sick? Cops are there to provide law and order for the communities. Why can’t cops provide this in a preventative manner, before it is necessary to use the justice system?

These programs are preventative medicine and are good for the community.

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