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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Duel, Part 2

Well we have been on the road for 5 days now and our bodies are starting to feel those wonderful aches and pains that reminds us we are no longer young bucks. The last few days have been "different". We had a wonderful visit with my long time friend, Mike Barret and family. They are such a blessing. We left Mike's Lincoln City, Oregon home a little late on Thursday and headed north.

We made it to Aberdeen Washington by night fall and slept on the beach in cold, damp, and foggy weather. Yesterday we came alive and hit the road for real. Leaving Aberdeen early, we headed for Canada, via Port Angeles. Along the way we found some experiences worth a mention here on the blog. 1) The weather was awesome, with sunny skies and open roads we made great time. 2) As we were cruising up the highway, a logging truck had zoomed up behind us, so we rolled the throttles and picked up the pace, the truck from hell pursed. We passed cars and other big trucks and like a possessed demon this logging truck kept coming. After several miles of 80-85 MPH up and down hills, through the twists and turns, and over the bridges. we finally decided to find a spot, any spot where we could get enough ahead of this knucklehead , pull over and let this mad man kill himself. I have never seen a BIG truck fly so fast over a road like this one was doing. 3) the rest of our experiences to share are above in pictures, I hope you enjoy my attempt at photography:

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Anonymous said...

I like your pictures, you have a good eye.

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