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Monday, August 31, 2009

XX vs XY

Many times throughout my life I have heard, or have taken part in, the conversation that wrestles with the differences between man and woman. There really is no mystery about this topic, only ignorance and the refusal to see the basic knowledge right in front of us.

1. No two cells are alike in the make up of man and woman (XX or XY) Although we are of the same species, we are made from very different cell structures.

2. If you are a believer of the Bible, man was made from earth, and woman was made from man. Woman was created because man was lonely. She was designed to make man complete. Man was given domain over all creation, he is supposed to protect all that is ( which I might add, he has failed at).

3. Woman and man have a very different set of gender based needs, however, we share the same set of human needs (Maslow).

So why is there so much debate and confusion between the roles and relationship between man and woman? Why do we wrestle with the issues of what a woman wants and what a man should be? I think this occurs because we do not understand 'strong woman', and 'weak man', or how our childhood paths damage or distort our understanding of our own roles in this delicate dance between the sex's.

So, why even bother with this crazy labyrinth of paradigms and conflicting personal beliefs? Because man was lonely without woman and woman wants security. We want to be loved and to love. We have an internal drive to reproduce with the best mate we both can get.

Man must become the absolute foundation, not wavering or whining. Woman must be valued and treated with respect and dignity.

This gets messy when two persons are attracted to each other but both have a troubling gender related childhood experience and therefore developed limiting beliefs about gender related issues. Should a woman have to develop a certain level of masculinity to protect herself? How does a man regain his masculinity once it has been damaged? Or an even more important question is, how do we protect our children from such ugly childhood events that create such issues in society?

We first must accept ourselves, as damaged but worthy, and develop self concepts that are routed in strong moral and ethical foundations. We must not categorize all persons from one gender as being cut from the same fabric as those from our past. We must learn to value each other for who we are, not what we are. Man and woman are both beautifully and wonderfully made. We must help each other become the best we can be without belittling or demeaning each other.

Why are we so afraid to simply state that I want you, I need you? Why are we so afraid to admit that I am not complete without you? Man nor woman was ever intended to be lonely, but here we are, in a sea of people, alone as can be, beating each other up over what?



Where there is smoke, there is Fire

A massive fire is burning, not far from home. So far 55 square miles have been destroyed, and tonight, we lost two firemen. There are thousands of firemen and law enforcement officers out trying to save life and property. As ash rains down on my home and my lungs burn from the massive smoke plum, we pray for the men and women fighting this hellish beast.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The bridge between weakness and strength

There seems to be a troubling barrier between our weakness and our strength, our fortitude and our feebleness. How do we cross such a fearful obstacle hidden deep within the darkness of our souls? This battle between "I can" and " I can't" seems to rage day in and day out no matter what victories we possessed yesterday. I have learned to embrace that sick feeling that often rises up inside me, but as a father I find it very hard to teach my children to embrace such a matter.

What part of our character's DNA makes us venture out into the unknown and push back what we think we know about ourselves? How do I teach a child that "I can't" does not weigh into what we should or could do with our lives? How do I teach them that life is simple one big experiment in learning and that "mistakes" are just a part of the learning process? Is it that internal fear that creates a destiny of ignorance? Why are so many so afraid of learning something new and out of the social box of acceptance?


Sunday, August 02, 2009

2500 miles

Well, we made it home safe and sound, all in all. My buddy banged his ride up pretty good and got a good case of "road rash". But he kept going and I respect that. The "little" 650's did great and our bodies held up. We averaged 250 miles a day for 10 days of riding. What great adventure and a wonderful way to see the country. Here some some pics from the last leg of the trip.

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