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Monday, August 24, 2009

The bridge between weakness and strength

There seems to be a troubling barrier between our weakness and our strength, our fortitude and our feebleness. How do we cross such a fearful obstacle hidden deep within the darkness of our souls? This battle between "I can" and " I can't" seems to rage day in and day out no matter what victories we possessed yesterday. I have learned to embrace that sick feeling that often rises up inside me, but as a father I find it very hard to teach my children to embrace such a matter.

What part of our character's DNA makes us venture out into the unknown and push back what we think we know about ourselves? How do I teach a child that "I can't" does not weigh into what we should or could do with our lives? How do I teach them that life is simple one big experiment in learning and that "mistakes" are just a part of the learning process? Is it that internal fear that creates a destiny of ignorance? Why are so many so afraid of learning something new and out of the social box of acceptance?



James Higham said...

as a father I find it very hard to teach my children to embrace such a matter

They learn it from your example, by them being beside you and brushing up against it. They feel your fear but also feel you overcome it.


Nice blog.I think the only thing to fear is fear itself. One must never let fear stand in the way of anything.

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