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Monday, August 31, 2009



James Higham said...

I listen to and read my fellow Brits make light of the fires but as one who encountered this type of thing i Australia, with the whole sky thick with ash and the temperature at alarming degrees, with everything tinderbox dry, it's no laughing matter, especially if you have family and wildlife.

Prayers are with you all.


It must be very scary for you. Are these the California brush fires that we hear so much of?

Stay safe Talking Bear.

Talking Bear said...

Uber, Yes, this is the biggest Cali fire burning. I am not worried about my home as it is safe and sound, away from harms way. However my fears come from many of my friends who are on the front lines in one manner or another. I would love to get a call and join in the fight. Some men love to run into harms way, I am one of them.

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