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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Talking to ourselves

If your like me, you spend a good amount of time thinking and talking to your self in your mind. What do you say? Or better yet, what is the tone and temperament you afford yourself. 99.9% of the folks I come in contact with will say that they beat themselves up on a regular basis. The image of themselves, hidden away in that dark deep domain of ourselves, is not a very positive one. Why is that?

It is here in this lonely quite place where our choice is forged. We decide to take risk, or stay safe once again disappointing ourselves with a long line of should have, would have, could have excuses to live. Why do we do that? Why not just teach ourselves how to talk nicer to ourselves, encourage ourselves? This is truly one of the magical benefits of begin human. The old "I think I can" becomes huge. Our ability to choose greatness in whatever we do is a gift we most often times throw away in the dirt. We create these fragile interior selves where we allow just any degrading comment to steal away our internal confidence.

We, ourselves, are the biggest agents of change. We can create opportunity or steal our own dream away. So, are you telling yourself that you are not worthy, or do you want to tell yourself that you are a great person destined for great things? It is your choice.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Some choices I don't understand.

Human choice, the gift that destroys?

For some reason humans have been given an ability which transcends all other animals on this planet. That ability is CHOICE. We can choose to fail, at least to the standards of the norm. Or we can choose to be "special". Or we can even choose to be normal, to live a life that often leaves us wondering what we are living for. It is our choice on how to spend the precious few days we have breathing.

Some whine and complain about what they could have been. Some just keep plugging forward, fighting for every inch of success. Are we happy with our choices? Or more accurately, are we happy with the consequences of our choices? We do we choose to give up on dreams? How does our relationships with those around us effect our choice? Are we so weak internally that we can only achieve if we feel some form of validation from another chooser? What choices do allow to ripple through our own choice, creating doubt or building confidence?

Can someone whom we have never met cause us to choose differently? What is it inside of us that causes us to quit or give up on a previously committed too choice? Are we so fragile inside that any little or big unforeseen ripple can cause us to change our choice? Who chooses if the ripple is big or small? It is you choice!!! do with it what you may, but remember that it is your choice to be big or small, happy or sad, effective or useless!

If you must choose a ripple to impact you than consider this, YOU MATTER! Your Life matters. You were made special from the moment you were conceived. Do not let anyone steal that from you. What you do with it is your choice.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

Clouds in the Desert

Freedom, what is it?

On my facebook page a post was made by a friend of mine that asked;

Antowaine Richardson
"Are we free? In life it is said that we have free will. Consider all the limiting influences in our lives that work against our freedom. Family genetic heritage, our specific DNA, our metabolic uniqueness, the quantum stuff that is going on at a suba...tomic level. Advertising, propaganda, and paradigms. So I ask again are we free?"

I responded with;

"Antowaine, Do you think that mankind has created a false and deceiving correlation between freedom and safety? Do you feel that there is a perception that freedom brings safety? Is freedom meant to keep us safe from harm, where we can risk nothing and be struggle free?

Does a spirit, seeking safety become entrenched into a life of mediocrity?

Why is it that we find greatness in places where freedom seems to be at its worst? Were we not created, or is not the judgment of mankind to risk and struggle? Does it appear that the absence of freedom and the presence of risk and struggle draws us closer to God and into a life full greatness?"

So I ask you readers here at SBH, What is freedom?


More Pics of firey sticks

From left to right;
1) The northern head of the fire smolders as dawn arrives in the high desert.
2) Smokey skies make for wonderful sunsets.
3) Under a full moon, looking toward the night lights of Los Angeles from the burn area.

The fire is almost out, yes it is still burning. It has burned over 250 square miles of forest, cost the taxpayer over 60 million dollars, and cost us the lives of two heroes, please pray for their families.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

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