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Monday, September 14, 2009

Clouds in the Desert



Rivetting photos. Did you take them, Talking Bear?
Are you finsihed helping put the fires out now?

Talking Bear said...

Uber (a real first name would be nice sweety) Yes I took them yesterday at sunset. My oldest daughter got out of her college class early and we decided to go and take some pictures together.

For now, I am done with the fire, but the dam thing is still burning. I was hoping that the clouds would bring some rain and help the boy out.

OH, and I am not a Fireman, although I think that would have been an exciting job.

Nice job connecting the thought with the "Bear" thing.


Are you a professional photographer then?

And of course, I have to say this....
'Got any honey for me there, Bear?' :)


Talking Bear said...

Carly.... you are a funny woman. No I am not a professional photographer.....yet. Maybe I can do that when I finish my current commitment.

I have a lot of honey.....But I am very picky who I give it to. Not any old forest creature gets to come up to the bear and take his honey...LOL

Talking Bear said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

* pokes big stick in Bear's trunk hole and feels around for honey*

Give me a lick of your honey,Mr. bear and I will make you more famous than Winnie!


* That's not a rude comment btw*

Talking Bear said...

LOL...... that is funny...not rude. Are you one of the ornery forest goers who likes to stir up the forest creatures????


Yes.I have to admit I am a red headed forest sprite.

Honey sweetens me though!

Talking Bear said...

Ok, my red headed forest sprite, My honey is not like any other honey you may have had in the past. A few posts back you stated something about making me more famous than Winnie. I should tell you that I am already famous, in fact many come to the bear's forest for help on their journey to being famous.

So, what exactly can you do for the bear? Or what may be a better question is, what can the bear do for you?

You appear to be a very driven woman with a ton of passion. I love to work with individuals like you because they become such great agents of change. Why waste such talent on toying with men? We are not worthy of such efforts, nor do we all warrant such venting of past trespasses. I believe you to be better than that!

What drives you Carly? What is your passion in this life? Maybe somewhere in this romantic wrestling for honey we can actually help each other out some how?


Bear-That's quite deep.
Correction though- I don't toy with men[nor do I even believe in flirting with them] and I certainly hope you do not think I am doing that with you. :)

I suppose sometimes my joking may come across as such.

My passions... I am a cerebral clown who laughs on the outside but weeps on the inside.A tortured artist with no talent.

What drives me is seeking out truth and standing up to injustice[using the only arsenal I have- a spine and an 'Ubermouth'].
* Creates lots of enemies.
But as Neitzsche once said' we are not born of ourselves'.

I also seek true beauty[inner beauty-like your tag[which I will explain momentarily]] and serenity. What I seek is a conflict,wouldn't you say?

Perhaps, I am an advocate of people with unorthodox methods. :(
I once had dreams of being a civil rights lawyer on the world stage.Not for glory, but to help in a real way.

I am moved by the injustices such as,but not limited to, Rodney King and the civil unrest of Watts [which I believe are coming back in vogue].

Your tag moved me the first time I came here because it says more about the 'core' you than most peoples' entire blog archives. I wonder if you really see your own tagline?

You are so entwined in your twosome that you cease to be 'one' and are 'we' and 'us' even on your own singular blog. As it should be.That's beauty especially as it is a habit with you [I suspect]that you may not have noticed?

But this line really struck me-
'We'd love to hear from all the creatures in the forest.'-for it's simplicity,playfulness and obvious kindness.

Your blog is like an enchanted forest.

I think YOU are serenity[and now for the cheesy clown line] and that's what I want Bear-not your honey. :0

Talking Bear said...

There you are Carly, now we are getting some where. I am glad you like my blog. I am the result of many lives lived well. I guess it is this kind of mentoring that allows me to see the WE in all I do. Neitzsche was right. Our lives are not for ourselves to spend on useless things, but more for us to interact in a productive manner with the whole. We do not obtain anything without the help of others, so the question of "Who are we" becomes very interesting. This blog is about that search for who WE are, as individuals and as a whole. The search is often times filled with emotion, and some get upset when they realize their life has been based on false perceptions. This is a process I have gone through many times, so I realize that at any moment I may become better, or see clearer, than the last moment.

I would love to wrestle with some of the perceptions you may have about events and persons here in the USA. I am still amazed at how deceiving the press is and how the press can create false realities for so many. Mr. King, the Watts riots, the LA riots, and events similar should not be in the same category of true civil rights issues. When we still have areas in LA where schools are not allowed to be built, here is the civil rights issues we need to address. When we have a welfare system that creates and encourages seed of hate, this is an issue that will lead to many civil rights issues in the future.

As for me being serenity, I am not so sure about that. But I do know that today, i strive for acceptance of all and give true gratitude to all. With these two very important things we can find serenity together. All the creatures NEED to be loved and to love. We need to feel that we belong to something, someone, and have our own special place somewhere. only then will we allow our inner beauty to shine through our outer defenses. It is in this moment that we can embrace all difference and become a stronger whole. At least that is what I believe.

Imagine a place where you can wrestle with disagreement without fear or anger! Imagine a place where you are cared for without concern of rejection! Imagine a place where the whole is more concerned with become great together!

I am a member of humanity. And humanity holds within a secret. We can accomplish anything we can dream when we are united. We must put fear behind us and commit to love, real love.

P.S. Yes I see my tag line. I worked on it for a long time to show what this effort (SBH) was about.


Your comment certainly makes one pause for thought, Talking Bear.
I do not have preconceived notions about America. Having lived in Canada for many years, as well as my Mother country England, I am familiar equally with both cultures and political mindsets.

I am[believe it or not] a great lover of people[but disappointed in the insular, selfish base human nature]because, you are right, we are all one-regardless of such irrelevant externals such as creed, race, religion , gender etc that too many people judge and exclude on the basis of. I HATE THAT PASSIONATELY.
You look at the bad press the Muslims get? I have lived within the Muslim commmunity as well and I have met some of the nicest, most generous and loving people there.

All nationalities and cultures only enhance our own providing there's no fanatic agendas being pushed.

But Rodney King was a great civil rights breach for all of us on so many levels. For when one is violated- we ALL are.

Martin Luther King Jr was my hero, growing up. I was so hurt to recently learn he was an agitator exploiting his people and creating the unrest for his own agendas.Or does his ends justify the means?

Or when I learned that Lincoln used slavery for political advantange and actually believed in slavery. The Emancipation Proclamation [which I had on my wall] came down that day.

You remind me of another blogger I greatly admire here[www.soulmeetsworld.com] you would like her too. :)

Have you seen the famous Oprah /Black Eyed Peas Video?
That is human nature coming together as one- at it's best. :0

You're a lovely little bear soul, I think.

Talking Bear said...

OK, Have you ever seen the WHOLE film of Mr Rodney Kings incident? What were the police officers convicted of, and by what court? Who stated before a trail was ever convened that the officers would be found guilty? If it was a racial incident, then how come the other three black males in the vehicle, who followed the direction of the officers were not beaten?

What level of force was the female CHP officer going to use before the LAPD officers showed up? Study up girl...if you are going to use Rodney as a poster child for equal rights you may want to know the whole story?

Here the Muslims press is not really bad. In fact great lengths have been made to protect the Muslim community. Religious fanatics are another thing, regardless of their religion. I hear it is not that way in England??

I do disagree about fanatic agendas. I think there are several fanatic agendas being pushed, but these agendas are promoted by governments.

Martin Luther King, President Lincoln as well as all great men in history have a dark side. Why do "WE" have so much trouble with this issue? Where do we learn that life is fair and our heroes are always completely honest? Why are we so fickle in having to do the dirty work needed to make the house cleaner?

I love humanity, even at its worst, that is all part of the picture. Yes I deplore choices based off of ignorant and shallow perception. I also deplore ones inability to even attempt to understand the perspective of another. This is humanities greatest weakness. Always looking out for the self not the whole.

This comment has been removed by the author.

The above was me * typos*

All great men do not have to be perfect,but to maintain their status-they have to not be lowly. Lincoln being credited as freeing slavery,misleading people to believe that he was their knight in shining armour, when really he exploited them is low. Believing it an acceptable philosophy that black people were sub human and it acceptable to be 'owned' by another human being de-classifies him as a'great'man, in my book.

Martin Luther King Jr. and Obama exploit the very people they manipulate into thinking they are being considered,listened to, protected. They jeopardise these very people, using their issues for their own gains which are invisible weapons against them.

Rodney King's case I am very familiar with,actually.

The other black officers were not as disempowered as RK by the mere fact that they were officers of the law.Police officers don't tned to beat up other police officers.But were they exploited because had they come to the RK's aid, they jeopardised malicious persecution if they did not follow 'the code' of their brothers in blue.

Formal convicitons and courts don't impress me overly.As my own brother, who is a lawyer, once said,' If you want justice, don't go looking for it in a courtroom.'

I stated that the civil liberties breached in the RK beating[and there is no doubt that he was beaten viciously and illegally by police] were wrong on so many levels. You seem to only see his colour. I wasn't even particulary referencing that,but that any citizen,regardless of colour, should feel the police, whom their tax dollars pay, are there to protect them and be upholders of the law[even if the citizen himself is breaking the law].

RK was pulled over for a faulty tail light. He was not breaking any laws[except for a highway code,perhaps] he was beaten severely and was unarmed and unable to prevent or defend such a violation against his person.
Courts are notorious for NOT convicting police officers[even when they murder] for political and social and economic reasons.

Mainly they feel it will disempower the police and jeopardise them if they have to second guess and be accountable for their actions. The law therefore overlooks extreme cases for the whole. That's wrong and enables the extemeism.

And just because a conviction was not obtained, it does not mean that crime did not take place.

At what point is a crime committed?
When an act which is legislated as being illegal is being committed or when a court convicts? Only one CPR rule need be broken and the case is thrown out.

You're surely not going to suggest that every person killed by a trigger happy,meglomaniac cop did not in fact DIE if the cop was not convicted, are you? :)

Police and army should give us a sense of protection and safety,not be the instruments of fear and unregulated power.Often they are the latter.

Talking Bear said...

Ok, When I was referring to the other black males I was referring to the three other suspects in the car, who complied and were not hurt in anyway. True CHP tried to stop a fast...very fast moving vehicle with a tail light, the tail light was not the issue, putting other motorist at great risk was. A high speed pursuit ensued for a long period of time. Why run from the police if all you are worried about is a tail light?

Rodney was the only one to attack the officers and inflict injury, a fact that most people seemed to not know about. He physically assaulted one and moved toward another. This was before the taser was employed and sticks were used. In fact, per the law here, the officers would have been justified to shoot him at one point. Rodney was, and is to this day from a notorious street gang with a long arrest record for violence and hard core drug use. As for the police, what they did was by policy and procedure for that department at that time. What they did do very wrong was make ugly comments about it latter, that is what skewed the event. Rodney was not beaten unfairly, viciously, I am not so sure because he had no broken bones, in fact he had no serious injuries. But the police are trained, even to this day, to fight back with as much force as possible.

I agree with most of what you said. But at some point we need to realize that the one the police are keeping us safe from is most likely going to get hurt.

I believe, at least here in Los Angeles, most police are fair and honest persons. We have an overall great opinion of the police here. Yes they make mistakes and yes some are straight out assholes. But most of them truly care, even the ones that shoot or beat bad guys.

I have a feeling that we may have to agree to disagree to some point on Rodney. I do agree with you overall about feeling safe from those who protect, but the very nature of that concept means that some people who mean harm to the rest should not feel safe, no?

The ARMY should never having anything to do with public safety. All armies are simple there to project the will of government. Our military is not supposed to be used on our soil against our people. Our armies bring ugliness and suffering to anyone who goes against its will, that is their job. There is no winner when military is used, only survivors.

I heard a quote once that went like this " If you like sausage and law enforcement, you should not watch either one being made."


I do not believe the propaganda the police used against RK to bolster their defense. WHat about cattle prods they used on him? WHat about excessive force when he was clearly no threat to anayone? His past criminal history should be irrelevant. Past crimes do not exempt him from proper police procedure. And if this is the procedure that American's deem acceptable in your country then I am gald I don't live there.
RK claims he was running from the police becuase of fear. I do believe that if I was a blackman in America I would fear white police, too and be hesitant to pull over.

So on what grounds did the police attack and vicously beat him[ and btw is a battered woman who suffers no broken bones not severely beaten if she is only left bruised, bloody and sore?]

Your line:
'The ARMY should never having anything to do with public safety'

The army's whole purpose is to protect the public's safety [even if it is usually by foreign threat]. They have also been deployed at times to assure law and order in the streets in air of the police and even help firemen if extra hands are needed in an emergency.

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