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Monday, September 14, 2009

Freedom, what is it?

On my facebook page a post was made by a friend of mine that asked;

Antowaine Richardson
"Are we free? In life it is said that we have free will. Consider all the limiting influences in our lives that work against our freedom. Family genetic heritage, our specific DNA, our metabolic uniqueness, the quantum stuff that is going on at a suba...tomic level. Advertising, propaganda, and paradigms. So I ask again are we free?"

I responded with;

"Antowaine, Do you think that mankind has created a false and deceiving correlation between freedom and safety? Do you feel that there is a perception that freedom brings safety? Is freedom meant to keep us safe from harm, where we can risk nothing and be struggle free?

Does a spirit, seeking safety become entrenched into a life of mediocrity?

Why is it that we find greatness in places where freedom seems to be at its worst? Were we not created, or is not the judgment of mankind to risk and struggle? Does it appear that the absence of freedom and the presence of risk and struggle draws us closer to God and into a life full greatness?"

So I ask you readers here at SBH, What is freedom?




Freedom is the opportunity to do all that is wrong and selfish but choosing to do what's right and selfless.

Talking Bear said...

That sounds more like freedom entwined with responsibility?


I think if the latter comes easily to someone then it is not resposibility ,but freedom-especially when it is going against the grain.

Talking Bear said...

Do you think we all have a choice to right or wrong whether we are free or not?

And while we are on the right and wrong issue, Is doing what is right the same for all?


Good point.

I think morality seems to be a sliding scale- different for everyone.

I think some people have the luxury of morals moreso than others.
A rich man has no need to steal to feed his family but a poor man cannot afford such morals.

Did you ever read Les Miserables?
Jean Val Jean[in my eyes] was very moral,despite being a crook.

Talking Bear said...

Carly, Are you sure morality is the object of the sliding scale.

Does the behavior always represent the morals or etics of a person?

Here lays a big trap for many.

"Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes,there is the least of real liberty."
-Henry M. Robert


That is so true.One man's meat... etc etc.

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