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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Some choices I don't understand.



But are they really choices?

I don't think everyone has equal opportunities nor luxury of choices.

And who fails them alone or all of us as a whole?

Talking Bear said...

I, can say that your right to a point on the issue that not everyone has equal opportunities. However, WE, as human beings do have a choice to remain as we were born or to travel another path. Here in this country, it is a matter of choice. I sold all my things and traveled around to 13 countries with my wife when we where young. I came back to America with no money and well earned debt. We were homeless, because we could not afford anything and we had lived out of our backpacks for so long that is all we had. I lived in an Indian Tee-Pee in the desert with no water, no electricity, eating rice and beans. I got a small job and we made $50 dollars a month work.

So when I say I have some experience with this matter, I actually did it. Yes it was hard, no I could not be picky on what I did at first. But everyday I made choices. In fact I was to poor to waste my money on alcohol.

It was not up to society to give me back my life that I once had, that was all mine to own. This is why I love this country.

You are very right about the issue as it is in other countries. But is it right for me, an American, to say that another's culture is wrong? We get bashed all the time for trying to create free societies so more have that same choice.

As for the folks in my photos, I assure you that they choose to live this way..........And to be honest, they may be more free than I.



Talking Bear[boy, I do love talking to bears :)] I love people like you whwo have really lived for it's what enriches our lifes and our perceptions.

I have never been homeless so I can't imagine how anyone could pull themselves out of such a low but kudos for you that you did.It must have been horrendous.

However you were able to do so because you were able to make choices to do so because you have the support of your wife, good health and sane mind.
But what if you were mentally deficient, old or of ill health?
Could you have made the same choices?
Some people,through no fault of their own, have the coping ability to do better for themselves. And until we have walked a mile in their shoes we cannot truly say what their trials and tribulations are.

But by a random luck of the draw you were born with all your limbs[presumably :)]. good health and all your faculties. And really , that's all we need to survive. The rest is all extrenals. But not everyone has been blessed with the same fund'.

Talking Bear said...

I agree about those born with limitations beyond their choice. But those are not the folks I talk about. I understand, or at least have great empathy for those folks. I give to charity simple to help those persons out the best anyone can.

As for pulling myself out, it just took time and hard work. No real big event or quick fix. It was not that big of a deal, really. In fact, as you eluded to, it made me a much better person. We seemed to think that funds or material things make our lives better or provide more opportunity. Now that I have lived in both arenas, I am not so sure that is an accurate belief.

Different levels, different devils.

By the way, the wife was not all that supportive once the novelty wore off and the struggle began....LOL, Women tend to desire security, and that was not a main staple back then.


Women desire comfort.
How long were you homeless for?

Talking Bear said...

Homeless for 8 months, through the fall, winter, and spring of 1989-90.

Kimberly said...

I wanted to be a gypsy once - just once.

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