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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Talking to ourselves

If your like me, you spend a good amount of time thinking and talking to your self in your mind. What do you say? Or better yet, what is the tone and temperament you afford yourself. 99.9% of the folks I come in contact with will say that they beat themselves up on a regular basis. The image of themselves, hidden away in that dark deep domain of ourselves, is not a very positive one. Why is that?

It is here in this lonely quite place where our choice is forged. We decide to take risk, or stay safe once again disappointing ourselves with a long line of should have, would have, could have excuses to live. Why do we do that? Why not just teach ourselves how to talk nicer to ourselves, encourage ourselves? This is truly one of the magical benefits of begin human. The old "I think I can" becomes huge. Our ability to choose greatness in whatever we do is a gift we most often times throw away in the dirt. We create these fragile interior selves where we allow just any degrading comment to steal away our internal confidence.

We, ourselves, are the biggest agents of change. We can create opportunity or steal our own dream away. So, are you telling yourself that you are not worthy, or do you want to tell yourself that you are a great person destined for great things? It is your choice.




I agree- self love is extremely important. We have to live with and as ourselves every day for our entire lives- better we like ourselves.

Better too that we are honest and decent to fellow man so that we can be proud of ourselves so we don't have to beat ourselves up. :)

Don't you prefer the funnier me than the serious me?

Talking Bear said...

Yes, I prefer the funnier you, the serious you is great too, as long as the anger stays in check......LOL

We can never really respect another until we respect ourselves. Hence so mush disrespect in the world. Most folks just can not get over their past nor the regrets the past holds.


Talking Bear- Are you talking cryptically to me? I am not anngry????
And I have much respect for myself. :)

I get the impression that you know of me more than what I have written here?

Talking Bear said...

Carly, LOL, No i do not know you other then what you have shared. I do know human behavior! Between what you have shared here, coupled with what you have posted on your blog, It is not hard to see some of the inner struggles you wrestle with. I only commented on those observations.

2 + 2 still equals 4, Needs + Beliefs = behaviors.

You should Google "The Franklin Reality Model." It is a good read for anyone in the field of Psychology or sociology.

Peajay said...

Do you choose to disbelieve the inner voice when it says you're not good enough? Is it really as simple as choosing? Or is it more about believing it because it's a reflection of what's heard outside as well as inside?

Kimberly said...

I am great - thanks for reminding me.

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