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Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Self concepts, creating who you are not!

In today's world it is amazingly easy to create a false cyber you. But is that really you? When we create a make-believe, or false reality of who we are does that change anything inside of us? Of course not, but so many folks today begin to believe who their cyber identity is. More importantly, at least I think, we run a huge risk of building our self concept off of something that has not connect to reality and therefore thrusts us into a dangerous emotional landscape.

My son is an outstanding X-Box player and has an identity based off of his "gamer-tag". Within the X-Box world is has many friends. When I take his X-box away, I realize that I take his identity away. How did a gaming system become so entrenched into his self concept? But it is not just gaming systems is it? Facebook, Myspace and so on have all become a source in which we create, or re-create our self concept. Even Blogs have become this tool or vehicle in which we escape reality and create false realities in which we are something other then what we are, why? Why is who we are so despised by our internal opinion? Are real people, real relationships that bad that we escape into cyber world to avoid the drama? Are there real people still living on this planet?

If we can not accept ourselves, if we continue to dislike who we are, are there healthy, honest and open ways to re-define that self image? Of course there are. But that takes work, and most likely we will have to deal with issues that we tend to bury deep within our internal "closets". The big problem is that this behavior creates hate and anger deep within. And sooner or later that anger is going to come out one way or another. How do we find, foster and appreciate those who are accepting of our true self?

I like to engage folks, challenge them to grow, but this seems to be to much for most. I realize that no one really wants to change. It is so much easier to stay on a dysfunctional path that usually someone else set us on. why should anyone of us take control of our own lives and our own self concept. Why not let everyone else define us, after all it is most likely better than what we think of our selves anyway? Just log on to the cyber world and create some false front and base our lives off of what goes on there, after all I can always log off if I don't like it, right?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanks Giving

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