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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christ-Mas

The Bear is off to roam around the forest again. I have a photo shoot in northern Cali and a visit with my Big Sisters. This time of year we get busy with many different things. We think of family and friends. My kids and I were watching a movie that has a comment in it. The comment went like this, "you can't spell families without the word lies." Wow, what a sad statement of today's families.

We get caught up, at least here in America, with the commercialization of the season and allow the stress of this whole thing to overwhelm us. Buy this or buy that. List of things folks want are passed around and monies spent for selfish reasons. Houses filled with decorations and presents that most likely could not be afforded. It looks fun and pretty, but it feels like anxiety and greed.

I have seen a movement to take Christ out of Christmas, and now I hear that this season is bad for the environment. Have we lost our minds? Have we truly forgot what this is all about? The birth of something beyond our understanding. The building of a doorway to greater love. And here lays the problem, we do not understand such love. We think it can be bought or traded. We just don't get the fact that such love contains concepts that are not pleasant. Love is at it's best a struggle of value and worth of another. Selfless in nature and full of nurture. I ask myself this season, how can I love more? How can I show those around me that they matter to me. How can I hold them close to my heart and give myself more so that they can be more? How can I become a beacon of hope? Hope that brings renewal and energetically encourages inspiration.

I pray that I can do this all year long, not just because some commercial advises me that it is the season for it. May God Bless, truly bless you during the time of year that is filled with the most suicides, thefts, and family disturbances. Let's find Christ's love in this seasons known as X-mas.


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Very well put,Bear. Christmas should be all about the celebration of love but also gratitude for what we have-family and friends.And giving to the less fortunate.

Happy LOVE Holidays for you and yours.

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