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Monday, December 28, 2009

When I grow up, I want to be......

Spending Christmas with my "Big" sister was a blast form the past. We shared stories, some good, some not so good about our childhoods. My big sister is actually 20 years older than me. A lot of things changed in between our up bringing.

In the photo to the left is my two older sisters hanging out with dad as he works on the car. Our mother made all of their dresses, and they always looked like they were little princesses.

Amazingly, they never looked dirty with all of the dirt around them. After viewing many never seen photos, and realizing the time span between lives, I was put into a reflective state about the multitude of different perspectives based solely on the changing environments.

I viewed a picture of my mother, who in the picture is but a small girl growing up on a farm in South Dakota. What set my mind in motion was that there was a horse and buggy in the picture. In another picture I saw my sisters playing next to a Model A Ford. I have a hard time grasping this huge tie span of change encased within my own mom and sisters lives. I am sure that when the pictures were taken, no one imagined that the pictures would be converted into a digital format on a laptop computer and placed on a Blog, viewed on the world wide web.

Just imagine how many things, issues, events have taken place during this time span. it is no wonder why I have such a radical different view of many things about life and life's challenges. I can not help but conclude that I am in error to take my understanding of life and measure, judge, or compare my beliefs to theirs. We, my family, have lived in different eras that have produced huge variances in beliefs and attitudes. I love my family for who they are and for what they have done. Their lives and journeys are absolutely amazing. Just imagine what your family's journey has seen or been through.




That's an amazing age difference between you and your siblings. Almost another generation. Their stories must be very interesting to you.

I used to love hearing my grabdad's stories about the local area and residents. As he was one of the last old timer's left, I can't help but feel that part of the history died with him.

Talking Bear said...

Yes it is, they have different stories than I do about the same folks, it is so much fun to put the history together. The funny thing is that one of my sisters has a son older then me. Most of my nephews and nieces are around my age and have kids the same age as mine. So yes, it is another generation. I was raised with the "old" morals and values, which make it difficult for me with men my age, my per group tend to be the age of my siblings.

Anonymous said...


One correction, that is not me in the picture you have posted, it is a neighbor girl with Karen.

Biggest Sis

Talking Bear said...

AAhhhh, that is right, Ok, I will change the picture to the one with the old car.

Anonymous said...

Funny you should say that I'm 24, And I tend to keep up with the "old morals" as you put it. I believe that the morals my mother raised me with are good guidelines for this day and age, I've never been to jail or robbed anybody. I believe my mothers morals have helped steer clear of that path, I remember my mother saying when she grew up she didn't have to lock her door but things have changed quite a bit since then. It is interesting to see how much over the decades how we have progressively changed, from lincoln logs to to video game consoles and so on and so forth it makes a little frightened and also a little curious what the future may hold for us.

P.S. I hope you're doing well we miss gaming with you and the family.

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