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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Do your eyes see what your heart feels?

Roller coasters are such a wild ride. Recently I had a conversation with some one regarding living our life within God's will. I told him that it is not my job to build the roller coaster, it's my job to ride it. I am to endure the ups and downs, the twists and turns, the fun times and the scary times.

Have you ever closed your eyes while you whipped around a roller coaster track? Was the experience different? We often times rely on our vision, and only our vision to decipher all of life's rigors. It is my heart that believes, dreams, and cares. My heart knows of great potential. We hear words like " I love you", or " I care about you", but it is the micro emotions we see displayed in pepole's body language that we really feel deep inside of our hearts! Can we see the tones that pierce the toughest forms of emotional stability? Can we see what our hearts feel?

There comes a time, I think, as we seek transcendence where we yearn for a deeper connection with other souls. When this time comes, will we be able to allow our eyes to see what our heart feels? Will we be able to look deep into another set of eyes and see what their heart is feeling? Will we be able to use words, tones to inspire greatness? Will our micro expressions portray our care and belief?

I think it is here in this bizarre place of allowing our hearts to see and our eyes to feel where we begin to understand what it is to love the unlovable, to touch the untouchable, to believe in the unbelievable. My soul yearns for the day when we can care beyond what our eyes see, and believe in what our hearts know to be. Maybe then we can enjoy the crazy roller coaster called life, and stop trying to build it, or control it!



Shelly Rayedeane said...

I do believe person's eyes see what their heart feels. Visualization does eventually turn into reality if one stays focused enough.

However, there are also people in this world who will manipulate how people think and lie about a false truth which doesn't exist to make a profit off of other people. Certain employers do this all the time by only telling employees what they want them to hear instead of revealing the bigger picture.

I have no problem riding the roller coaster and giving up control unless someone manipulates me and is deceitful.

Then it is time to get off of the ride and leave those type of people behind.

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