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Monday, July 11, 2011


So today was awesome as normal.  We started off from one of Jeff's old friend's house in the Boise area.  Vic got us ready to go with some breakfast and saw us off.  Thanks Vic for the great time we had there.  We headed East down Interstate 84 to Mountain Home.  We headed North up State Hwy 20.  What a great route.  Hwy 20 was way better than the boring interstate.  We cruised right along.  We had no idea that hwy 20 is part of the Oregon Trail.  Around 1 PM we hit Crater of the Moon National Park.  What a cool place.  I never thought that a lava flow would be so interesting and to be honest it did not look that good from Google earth.

As we left Craters heading toward Idaho Falls we ran right into a killer rain storm.  My buddy and I agreed that the rain alone would not have been that bad.  However, with the wind blowing right around 40-50 mph, the rain was being driven horizontal across the road.  I thought to myself, we are screwed if this is going to last for the next 90 miles.  It was a constant battle trying to keep the bikes in our own lane while on coming cars were having a hard time seeing what was in front of them.  When the wind would die down the Hwy would become a river.  As we rode into the screaming wind, driving rain and dark angry clouds, I found myself thinking how could this be worse?  How bad does it have to get before we pull over and hunker down?  But we kept pushing.  Then the lighting came.  Big bold bolts zipping overhead, briefly lighting up the crazy insane situation we were fighting.  The Hwy turned a bit and headed right up to, and along two large buttes.  The lighting was beating the crap out of these two large mounds and we were now headed right to them.  The wind growled, the rain came ripping through our clothing, and the lighting and thunder barked at us as we pressed forward.

After 110 miles of this we finally rolled into Idaho Falls.  As Jeff and I rolled up to our first signal light in Idaho Falls we looked at each other and grinned.  We made it!  Now we are full from dinner and tucked safe and sound away in our warm hotel room.  The day in now a memory and we look forward to tomorrow's adventures.


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