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Sunday, July 17, 2011


We've completed our first week of this trip and it has flown by. Last night we slept at Doug and Jan's house in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. We drove through Calgary and got a peak at the Calgary Stampede event but did not enter. Just another big town, but it's clean and has a pretty back drop. Yesterday's ride was pretty but boring compared to the other days. Long, straight roads and nothing but farms.  The mosquitos make for quick outdoor bathroom breaks in the woods. They go into swarm attack mode, and then there's the deer flies. Thank goodness for Doug and Jan's house. Camping would not have been an option. 
We started out yesterday inside Canada's portion of Glacier National Park. There's a beautiful old hotel that was built in 1928 by the railroad and it's majestic as it sits on top of a bluff overlooking the lake. The lake needed to be explored but we'll save that for another trip. I highly recommend it for exploration as there are great hiking trails and tributary streams that go on for miles. Can't beat the glaciers either. Just bring Bear-Away spray! Candrell Lake has a large population of Grizzlies and one was seen on a trail near the visitor center just 2 days before we were there. 


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