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Monday, July 18, 2011


The start of a new week on the tour. We slightly altered the route to exclude Dawson Creek though. Along our travels we have met a lot of people that all asked why we were going there? Apparently, there is nothing to see there. So we didn't go. We're in Hinton this evening and there's nothing to do here either. But we're within striking distance of Jasper and then it's going to get interesting. We expect some inclement weather but nothing as bad as last week.
We met a friend in Edmonton yesterday and did some off-roading near a lake. The mud was a challenge but the bikes took the punishment and persevered.  But apparently Mark didn't. He passed out last night with his clothes on and on top of the blankets. He stayed that way almost all night. The long hours in the saddle and the road miles are apparently catching up to him.  The 5-Hour Energy shots didn't even help. 


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